“The problem with some people is that when they aren’t drunk, they’re sober.” -William Butler Yeast


First LOVEs?

     It’s my fist day of my grade school (Grade I – Elementary), my cousin and I had our early breakfast so we won’t be late (as if layo kaayo ang school nga walking distance ra bya. ^_^). Pencils, papers, notebooks, and bags are all ready and so are we.

      As we arrived at the classroom, I’ve seen some familiar faces they were my kindergarten classmates, my eyes are still roaming around I stop at one corner, and realize oh this one is new,  I ask my classmate, who’s that newbie? my classmate replied oh it’s JP he’s with his brother ML they recently moved in town, then I relied okey then.

     My cousin and I are seated at the front row we are in front of the newbies. I can’t hardly understand what they are talking because I’m a pure a cebuano and they are speaking tagalog so how can I understand them? I got irritated by them, so I start chatting with my other classmates.

     Few weeks later JP and I started to get along well and we started to be friends, we liked each others company, we play together, eat recess together, and in the next day I found his hands holding mine I don’t know how that happened but it just happened in the middle of nowhere. He confessed that he likes me a lot and so do I, the feeling is mutual but we are too young that time. Our classmates started teasing us until we reached grade two.

   On our third and fourth grade we have different sections; he enrolled on section B while I’m on section A. Since we’ve been apart and not that comfortable talking to him anymore.  On the fourth grade I have a new crush named is DJ he is from Mindanao he is the cousin of my classmate JM who’s mother is our teacher at first grade, but it didn’t last that long because DJ and his family must move back to Mindanao. On the fifth grade we became classmates but it’s not like the old times we are not that close anymore and it’s very awkward talking to him, now we are mortal enemies, but still our classmates is always teasing us, there was a time our classmate trapped and locked us on a room I’m so pissed off that time because I hated him and I don’t know why.

       Until such time we reach the sixth grade JP and I are on separate sections, I again have a new crush (daghan kau kog crush sah, hahaha). They are JM and JJ (kabantay mo sa common denominator nilang tanan?), my classmates is teasing me with them.  JM my neighbor the cousin of DJ my crush on fourth grade (isn’t that ironic?), JJ the accidental first kiss, JP is back on the  picture he sends me letters (kay wa pay uso cellphone sa uan) expressing what he really feel towards me. The sixth grade is full of laughter, ups and down, and LOVE? (mura jud ug tarong).


The question is; what will happen in high school?  What will JP do? What happened to DJ? How about that accidental first kiss with JJ? Is JM and I will still be neighbors? Find out on the next chapter.




* Thank you for reading watch out for the next chapter ( pero wa pa pud ko kahibaw ug kanus-a ko mag suwat napud, hehehe) -xoxo




My Pinky Wish List !!

Since BER month na ug hapit na ang Pasko mao nga kahuna-huna kog himu ug WISH LIST, siguro imposible na makuha o mapalit nako ang tanan, well sa pagka ingun pa “Libre lang mangarap” mao nga if magandoy ka hala itodo mo na !! Malay mo dungon diay ni LORD imu wish, or di ba kaha ni . 🙂



First time palang ko kita ani nga cellphone sa TV na inlove nako niya ug ka ingun ko sa akoa kaugalingon, “Someday I will make you mine by hook or by crook”. 



Well, ingun sila may pagka Narcissistic daw ko, bisag gahan jud ko mag picture2x, wa lan gui suyaay gud pag picture pud mog inyoha!! Aside sa gusto ko mag picture sa akoa kaugalingon gahan man sad ko mag picture2x ug plants, places and everything, that’s why I love to have thsis camera, kay aside sa SLR siya pink pajud.



holoh !! kinsa man pud tawhana ang di ganahan sa ka cute ani nga beetle pink car, sus ig madatu ko puhon I wanna buy this.



Haaay… *sigh* ang akoang dream house. I just hope nga makapalit?makahimo kog ingun ani nga hause mintras single pako kay I don’t think mu sugot akoa bana nga pink amua balay, pwera nalang ug bayot. LOL!



How I wish ingun ani ka pink ug ka nice akoa room karon, murag di jud cguro ko ganahan mugawas ug kwarto nako (palusot sa tapulan).  hehehe.


Aw, di man sa ingun nga ganahan naku mamatay mao nga apil ni, I just wish nga if ever man gani mamatay ko pink jud ako lungon, ug ang mga muhatud sa akoa lubong kay mag pink pud kay boring na kaayo ang puti ug black ui, may nang palain pud ba. Di ko ganahan gud nga sad kaayo ang mga people nga akoa gibilin, nah mag sad2x mo balikan jud tamu !! 🙂



Sa panahon ngayon marami na ang na aadik sa Facebook. Kahit ang mga awai ay ipinamamalita dito para lang may ma post. Pero sana naman bigyan nyo ang inyong mag sarili kahit kunting PRIVACY man lang. Anong pakialam ng ibang tao sa buhay mo? Wag abusuhin ang FREEDOM of EXPRESSION. Piliin ang dapat ipost, at bago nyo ipost ang inyong mga status sa FACEBOOK pagisipan nyo munang mabuti at wag padalos-dalos.